What about Sandra Bullock and Jesse James?

The Sun received e-mails asking us to investigate the story of what appears to be the unraveling of the marriage of Sunset Beacch residents actress Sandra Bullock and her husband Jesse James.

There are many different ways to view this story. However, the Sun staff believes that such stories, whether they be about high profile Hollywood celebrities or just average folks in the community, is not part of the Sun¹s mission to keep people informed in the local area.

There is more that one reason for this.

The most obvious is that other news outlets are much better equipped for the amount of time and energy for such a story that seem to require camping out nearly at the family’s doorstep. It is hard to say we could add any more depth or information to the story as it unfolds on our TV screens daily.

Another reason is that we see such stories as intrusive on private life. We would no more go on to exclaim the divorce of anyone let alone pursue rumors on the state of anyone¹s relationship. We would rather leave such stories to the National Enquirer or other publication of that ilk.