A while back, I commented on the passing of mystery writer Robert B. Parker. As of May 4, there’s a new Parker novel on bookstore shelves called “Blue Eyed Devil,” a Cole and Hitch Western.

A daily newspaper recently posted a less than glowing review of “Blue Eyed Devil.” The critic complained that the plot was basically the same in all the Cole and Hitch Westerns. I haven’t read “Blue Eyed Devil,” but based on my recollection of the first three books in the series I’d say the critic had a point.

The review speculated that novel might be Parker’s last. Had the critic checked the author’s Web site, the critic could have avoided the need for speculation. According to the Web site www.robertbparker.net, a new Spenser novel will be on sale Oct. 5. The title: “Painted Ladies.”

The unsigned Web site article says “Painted Ladies” was completed the year before Parker died. The Web site makes no mention of another Spenser novel in the pipeline, although initial reports of Parker’s death said there were two Spenser stories waiting in the wings.

I thought fellow fans would like to know, so I’m passing the information along.