Sigh. I was walking down Main Street recently and saw, yet again, an empty storefront on Main Steet. I cal it the ghost Town Syndrome I hate it.

I’ve seen the Ghost Town Syndrome before. I used to live in Long Beach. (I’ll never live there again if I have anything to say about it.) I lived within walking distance of a shopping center. One day, a little nick-nack store closed forever. It remained empty. Then, one by one, the smaller shops went broke. No one likes to shop at out of the way stores in the first place.

Even less appealing are stores next to empty units. The ghost town effect is rather like a cancer. The shopping center I speak of nearly died—only a radical remodel saved it.

I wish I knew how to fight this particular cancer that is attacking Main Street Seal Beach, but I don’t. So I worry. It’s what I do best, actually—I worry and anticipate the worst. It doesn’t make me feel better and it doesn’t solve anything, but I worry. I know how to worry.

I was once criticized at work for thinking in terms of problems instead of solutions. You can’t solve problems if you pretend they don’t exist. So, we have a problem. Any suggestions for improving Main Street business? Because I don’t want Seal Beach Main Street to become a ghost town—or Seal Beach a memory.

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