We’ve made a few changes to the Sun Web site. Instead of updating the site each week, we’re posting at least one story a day. Tuesday is generally going to be for sports stories, Wednesday for business, Thursday for letters to the editor.

Speaking of letters to the editor, we’re going to start posting on line any letters we didn’t have room for in the print edition of the Sun. So feel free to tell us what you think about current events, city government, Leisure World, the school district, Seal Beach business, Rossmoor government—and, of course, the Sun.

We couldn’t do this job without you, our readers.

There will also be a local news story each day on the home page. I’ll continue to do the Friday general blog as well as the Sunday blog on writing. (Our Thanksgiving production schedule forced me to miss last Sunday, for which I apologize.)

The Sun Newspaper office closed at 3 p.m. today, Friday, Nov. 25. We’ll be open for regular business on Monday.

As always, please remember to submit your story ideas and photos to dennis@sunnews.org.


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