chess-april-1It’s too early to pick a winner yet, but we’re approaching the point where some chessmen will be lost.

Black’s next move was made by Paul Mangone of Seal Beach. He moved the Black KNight to f6. This move positioned the Black KNight so it threatened one of my KNights.

I moved my White Bishop to c4 to cover my KNight. If Black captures my KNight, my Bishop captures Black’s KNight. That, I thought, would discourage that particular attack.

Mangone moved a Black pawn to d6.

I castled to the right side of the board. A colleague has told me I criticize too early, but I thought this was a good time. I need to get my Rooks into the game as soon as possible. My King was now at g1 and my Rook was at f1.

Mangone moved a Black pawn to h6. For the life of me, I don’t know why. I know that he knows what he’s doing, but for the life of me I didn’t see the plan behind that particular move.

I moved my White Bishop to f4. Both sides now have several pieces in the center of the board, but I don’t really think either of us has true control Mangone is positioned to attack some of my pieces, but I’m positioned to attack any attackers.

Mangone moved his Black Bishop to g4. The Bishop now threatens my second White KNight. However, the KNight is protected by a White pawn. Even so, I decided to move my White Queen to e2.

At this point, I don’t see any openings I can exploit. Black’s King is exposed and could be attacked from the front—but most moves I see that could launch an attack would cost me my best pieces and give me little in return. My King is presently protected by a fortress of three pawns and a Rook. But most of my powerful pieces are at or near the center of the board—too far away if trouble comes.

If you want to join the game, just come to the Sun office at 216 Main Street, Seal Beach. Anyone who lives or works in the Sun Region—or drops in for a visit, for that matter—can play for Black. It’s all of you against me.

You folks couldn’t possibly be afraid of one small town newspaper man, could you?

Your move, Sun Region


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