I lost my third game in a row. Good thing this isn’t baseball or I’d be out. The final blow was delivered by Alois Geiger of Huntington Harbour.

At last report, the Black Bishop at c5 and the White Bishop at e3 were positioned to attack one another. But each Bishop was backed up by a pawn positioned to capture any piece that attacked the pawn’s respective Bishop.

Seal Beach resident Paul Mangone returned Monday, April 16, to move the Black Bishop to f3. Mangone was closing in.

I moved my White Rook to e1 to give my White Bishop extra protection. That may have been a mistake.

Mangone returned on Tuesday, April 17, to capture my White Bishop with his Black Bishop. I considered capturing his Bishop with my pawn. I decided instead to prepare an attack—but I failed to realize I’d run out of time and lost the initiative.

I moved the White Bishop to d3. That, I think, was the fatal mistake. I should have captured that Bishop. It would have created one more place for my King to run to.

Mangone returned to move the Black Queen to g5, placing the White King in check. Mangone told me what move he would make next and, really, it was the only sensible move for Black to make. Even son, I waited until long after he left to make my next move. There was only one legal move available to me besides quitting.

White King to f1.

I expected Mangone to return, but to my surprise he did not. Today,0 Friday, April 20, Alois Geiger of Huntington Harbour returned to make a second move in the game. Remember, the whole premise of Chess with Charles is the Sun Region versus little old me. I waited, hoping against all logic that Geiger would make a mistake that would buy me time.

Of course he made the only sensible move: Black Queen to g2. The move placed my King in check. The only empty squares near my King were under attack by Black chessmen. It was over.

Unfortunately, work related duties called me away before he made the move—so I couldn’t congratulate him in person or take his photograph. Next time, sir, stick around to have your picture taken. You won—you deserve to have your photo printed in the Sun.

Chess With Charles 4 will launch soon. Any suggestions for an opening move?


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