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I’m not a car buff. Whenever I bought a car in the past, I had one question in mind: Will the car get me from point A to point B? If the answer was yes, I bought the car. It didn’t matter if the car was a Ford Escort or a Buick of some sort. (Note to self: never again buy a car bigger than your bedroom.)

Yet whenever I find myself around classic cars—be they at Wings, Wheels and Rotors or the Seal Beach Classic Car Show—I always find myself scanning the scene for familiar vehicles. I was never a car buff, but I used to edit retail catalogs for “aftermarket” Studebaker and Avanti cars. (Covering Seal Beach is more fun.)

I find myself drawn to the ’50s vintage vehicles and the ’50s-era colors. They don’t make car paint like that any more.

What can I say? I’m old school about some things. So I’ll probably see you at the Car Show, keeping an eye peeled for a Studebaker bulletnose. (Trust me, with a name like that, you’ll have no problem identifying one.) But while I’m out there, I’ll also be looking for news. So tell me … what should I be looking for on the Big Day?

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 13, is the Run Seal Beach 5K/10K Run/Walk.

I won’t be running. I won’t be walking. Other duties make that impossible and even if I had the time, I’m afraid that running is just not my thing. I remember running when I was a child, taking a ribbon or two in this dash or that dash—though time has erased my memory of the distance run. But I’ll be rooting for all of you—not to win, but to finish and have fun.

If it isn’t fun, what is the whole point?

I am not a runner—I’m a desk jockey and prefer to keep my participation in sporting events to reading about them in novels or the pages of the Sun.

But while I am not a runner, I am always impressed by the work put in by the volunteers who make the event happen. Run Seal Beach is one of the things this town is well-known for beyond our borders. Seal Beach is the town of Run Seal Beach, the town of the Kite Festival and the town of the Seal Beach Classic Car Show. Those events and the images they invoke are both positive and appropriate. I wish we had a few more like these mega events, but that wish does not take away from the achievement that is Run Seal Beach.

So if by chance you come to run, stay afterward to catch your breath and enjoy this quiet little beach town. There are far too few left in the world. We may well be the last one on the California mainland. Shop in our stores. (Seal Beach wouldn’t mind the sales tax revenue.) If you already live in Old Town, I hope you don’t mind the temporary detour of the bus route or the temporary sound of feet pounding asphalt as runners move through our streets.

It’s just Run Seal Beach—runners putting their individual feet forward and, in the process, putting the city’s collective best foot forward.

Run, Seal Beach. Run like the wind.