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The DeNada Band will bring back memories of last year’s dance at the St. Isidore Plaza in Los Alamitos.

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The crime occurred Wednesday night, Dec. 25, in the Seal Beach Towne Center parking lot near CVS pharmacy.

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The year is nearly over. 2013 went fast—so fast, the Christmas season was over before I had a chance to get sick of the Christmas music. Working on the first of our two-part Year in Review series gave me a chance to reflect on 2013. It was an adventure. On the best days, covering Seal Beach is like living inside the best show on TV. Sometimes it’s a sitcom (Bubba comes to mind), sometimes a soap opera, sometimes high drama—I’ll let you decide if the Housing Element qualified as either soap opera or high drama—and only in rare cases a tragedy.

I wrote a few good-quality news stories and a few good-quality blogs/columns. As long as I have the privilege of writing about Seal Beach for the Sun, there are plenty of opportunities to tell more stories and do a better job of telling them next year. Looking forward to that. And looking forward to encountering you, our readers and my neighbors, in the place they call Mayberry by the Sea.

Gwenth Poetech descrubes the efforts of Weaver Elementary students to bring cheer to children battling cancer and other diseases.

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(Editor’s Note: I’m turning my blog over to the chief this week.—Charles)

Seasons greetings to you and your family from the men and women of the Seal Beach Police Department. As I write this, today’s date is December 19, 2013.

What that means is there are 12 days left to steal before Christmas! This may seem a shocking statement in our safe town but there are individuals who are thinking just that.

Last night we had an auto burglary in College Park West. A resident left her purse in her car and a criminal broke her window to steal the purse.

A few weeks ago, a car was stolen from the Centex homes area (gated community just north of Target). The vehicle was unlocked with the keys inside.

Seal Beach is a very safe community but we can make it safer with a few simple steps:

• Lock your cars and remove any items

• Lock the doors and windows of your house when you leave

• Install motion detector lights on the front of your house, patios or business

• Consider cameras for your home or business

These few simple steps will prevent these crimes of opportunity.

It is only with your partnership that we will continue to drive down crime in Seal Beach.

We did catch the criminals in the auto burglary and vehicle theft I earlier mentioned. However, we should have never allowed ourselves to be victims’ of these crimes. The men and women of the Seal Beach Police Department wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year and thank you for allowing us to serve.

—Chief Joe

“Chief Joe” Stilinovich is chief the Seal Beach Police Department.

Julia Sablock, 22, may be in the Long Beach area. Her mother lives in Seal Beach.

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