As many of you know by now, the widow of David Caouette, the last victim to be murdered during the Salon Meritage shootings, is facing foreclosure. The girlfriend of Paula Caouette’s son has started an online fundraising drive at Go Fund Me with the goal of getting $450,000 to buy Paula Caouette’s condo.

In 14 days’ time, the drive has so far raised $14,730.

One of the things that some of the smartest people fail to understand about violence is that the hurting continues long after the violent act ends. The pain simply never stops.


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  1. Jane Ellen D'Entremont

    As a classmate of both David & Paula, I was shocked and saddened, like most, to learn of this additional burden. It’s inspiring to see the progress on this fundraiser, and my hope is that it will continue to grow, and that Paula be able to remain in her home, having a place to rest her weary head and heart each night. Much love.

  2. Charles Kelly

    Ms. D-Etremont:

    We’d like to run your comment as a Letter to the Editor. Could you please send us your city of residence and a contact number (which we would not publicize)?

    Charles M. Kelly
    Assistant Editor
    Sun Newspapers

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