Funny. When I was a young man, I often had trouble spelling the word centennial—never mind wrapping my imagination around the concept that something could last so long as 100 years. The concept is a little easier to grasp now that I’ve lived half a century. And the word centennial has become easier to spell, if only because I covered Avalon’s centennial celebration last year and may be covering the run up to the centennial as we approach 2015 and the city’s big 100th birthday party.

District Five Councilman Michael Levitt raised two valid points at the last council meeting—editors do get tired of seeing the same thing every year and Seal Beach does need to put on one very special event. We certainly don’t want to repeat the mistake another California city made last year by treating the centennial as a private event that discourages tourist participation. We’re a beach town. We need the tourists. Their dollars help make our small town life possible. We need to include them in the big Seal Beach Party.

So tell me, what do you folks think our town should do to celebrate its centennial?


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  1. Marc Loopesko

    many, many events during throughout the entire year which all residents, guests, friends and tourists can partake in and the celebration finale is a large Main St. carnival and a grand fireworks display that eve in Oct. on our cities b-day.

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