The 41st annual Class Notes Jazz Concert will start at 7 p.m., Saturday, March 1, in Los Alamitos High School’s Performing Arts Center. For the story of the concert and the man who created it, visit and click on “Class Notes Jazz Concert to turn 41.”

Seal Beach surfing was reportedly great earlier this week, but with the coming storm the waves have become choppy. Meanwhile, as of late morning today, Friday, Feb. 28, the sand berm appears to be doing its job of protecting homes.

The Marine Safety (Lifeguard) Department is expecting saves 12 to 16 feet high on Saturday morning. For beachside homeowners, big waves are a threat—for such large waves could overwhelm the sand berm that is meant to protect homes from rising ocean waters.

But as of 11 a.m., Friday, Feb. 28, the berm is holding. “So far, so good,” said Sean Crumby, director of Seal Beach’s Public Works Department.

“Our staff is out there and doing everything they ccan to make sure everything goes as well as possible,” he said.

The Jan. 26 Morgan’s Wave of the Day Charity and Competition reportedly saw waves as high as 14 feet—and that was when the weather was bone dry.

However, the Friday, Feb. 28, waves are not attracting surfers. Marine Safety (Lifeguard) Chief Joe Bailey said the storm surf was chppy and not great for surfing.

He said that Friday waves wee coming in at 4 to 5 feet high. He said Saturday’s waves were expected to be more than 10 feet high.

Bailey said Lifeguards are keeping an eye on what’s coming Saturday.

They will be monitoring the morning high tide—which is expected to be 6.1 high at 8:52 a.m.

Late yesterday, the National Weather Service issued a Coastal Flooding warning. Sandbags are available at Landing and Seal Beach Boulevard, Fire Stations 44 and 48, Lifeguard headquarters and Arbor Park.

Authorities are encouraging Orange County residents to take precautionary measures.

Sandbags can be obtained at the Seal Beach Lifeguard Headquarters, 888 Ocean Ave. , Seal Beach, CA 90740. Additional bags are located at Landing and Seal Beach Boulevard, Arbor Park and Fire Stations 44 and 48.

The City of Seal Beach Marine Safety Department is expecting the following weather conditions from Friday, Feb. 28,to Sunday, March 2:

Surf – Expect surf to build to 12 to 16 feet Saturday.

Tide – Saturday morning a 6.1 high tide at 8:52 a.m..

Rain – Heavy rain on Friday and Saturday with scattered showers on Sunday.

For more information, call the Seal Beach Marine Safety Department at (562) 431-2527, X-1202.

A power outage has been planned for a large part of Seal Beach this coming weekend. For details, visit and click on “Southern California Edison plans outage in Seal Beach this weekend.”

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I’ve been feeling mortal lately. It’s mildly annoying.

One of the nicest business people I know, Marygrace, recently got married. The eldest son of Denise, one of my old journalism school pals, recently attended his prom. (Kid’s a dead-ringer for his dad.) I attended Denise’s wedding, wrecking my first car en route.

Another j-school classmate, Evil Jeff, recently became engaged. His bride to be is cute, too. This is the first circumstantial evidence I’ve ever seen of a miracle. (Either that or Satan’s power.)

A former boss of mine recently celebrated her (cough, cough) birthday. Annoyingly, she looks younger and prettier every year. Her husband knows he’s a lucky man. (I wish he’d teach us bachelors how he landed her. I’d be willing to pay.)

All of these things remind me of the passage of time—as if I could forget the only stalker the police can’t arrest. It’s all perfectly normal and is no cause for despair. Not that despair would do me any good. But it is mighty annoying. Did I mention that?

I recently stumbled across a photograph of my father with me and two of our dogs at our first house in Compton. I remember my father keeping a framed version of that picture in his office, or a similar one, my childhood to his retirement in 1985. I thought it lost and gone forever years ago—I don’t think there’s a single picture of the two of us together after I turned 10. I’ve no idea how old I was when the picture I found was taken. Probably 3 or 4, possibly 5, but that’s just speculation on my part.

I posted the image on Facebook and was shocked at the difference between my face as a young boy and my face as a middle-aged newspaperman. Time flies. It also wears and tears.

I’m not going to let the picture or my friends’ happy milestones bother me. Years ago, I wrote a fictional detective story that no one published. In it, the main character made it a strict rule to do the same thing each time he was bothered by something he could not change—he went to work on another case.

Seems sensible to me. Which just goes to show you that writing a story, fictional or factual, can teach you things even if you don’t get published. It’s one of the attractions of journalism. So I’ll follow my own advice and work on my next journalism assignment.

Besides, I have a more pressing problem than feeling mortal. I can’t find my umbrella. It’s annoying.

Storm coming

City officials have issued a weather advisory for Seal Beach’s coastal area. For details, visit and click on “City issues winter storm advisory.”

Play ball!

The PONY League season has begun. For details, visit and click on “PONYing up.”

An autopsy will determine the cause of death of the local man who died in the restroom of the Seal Beach Pier last Sunday. For this and other crime news, visit and click on “Crime Log Man, 68, dies at Seal Beach Pier.”

But an atheist group that advocates separation of church and state does not approve. The school board has made its decision. The Freedom From Religion Foundation is undecided about what to do next. For details, visit and click on “Los Al school board OKs contract with church.”