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The Annual Classic Car Show is a great Seal Beach/Orange County/Suothland tradition. But I wonder … would it hurt to have more car shows, perhaps in other parts of town? Huntington Beach has weekly car displays. That seems a bit much to me, but there is no denying that car shows are a strong tourist draw and we are a tourism-driven town. What do you think?

Seal Beach City Manager Jill Ingram recently told me that should hold me to a promise I allegedly made to do the Snoopy dance upon the return of Long Beach bus routes to Seal Beach Streets.


Ahem. My exact words, written on March 28, were: When Long Beach Transit canceled the 171 and 131 bus routes to Seal Beach in 2012, I did not expect to see those routes return. I thought the two routes were gone for good. I’ve seldom been happier to be proven wrong—at least so far. Seal Beach officials say the routes will return in June. I’ll do the Snoopy dance in my heart (never in public) in June.”


The emphasis here should be on the words “in my heart (never in public).”


It isn’t that I object to dancing per se, it’s just that I’m afraid City Council members might injure themselves if the sight of my alleged dancing caused them to fall off their chairs.

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