A Crime Log item reunites a surfer with his board. Local criminal cases have been updated. A coach ends leaves the Seal Beach PONY League after 11 years. For these and other recent news stories, visit www.sunnews.org.

Seal Beach will hold a budget workshop at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, May 29, in the City Council Chambers. City staff expects a surplus of $55,800 in the next fiscal year. To you and I, that’s a lot of money. To a city government, not that much. We’ll see what the budget process reveals. Stay tuned.

The council this week approved an agreement to hire a consultant to attract new businesses to Seal Beach. The Chamber of Commerce was not consulted. http://bit.ly/1itqjFE

The Miss Seal Beach Court recently went to SBTV-3 to continue the court’s campaign against bullying. http://bit.ly/1hzKKjV

Tiger Cubs recently visited the Sun. http://bit.ly/1rhWOji

For information about Sun Region Memorial Day services, visit http://bit.ly/1lJ9Rlv.

Sun Veterans Voices columnist Bill Thomas wants to hear the stories of those who have served in our armed forces. http://bit.ly/S137I0

To those who died serving our country: thank you for your sacrifice—I wish our freedom had not cost you so dearly.


To the families who lost someone serving our country: thank you, also, for your own sacrifice—I wish our freedom had not cost you someone dear to you.


To those veterans who came home from service, but who passed away afterward: thank you for your service—I hope you left us in a state of peace.


At ease, friends. Rest. You’ve earned it. You are relieved with our gratitude.



It’s just started up, but some local businesses have formed softball teams for a little friendly competition and fun. http://bit.ly/1k9pKoT

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See what Sun Region readers have to say. http://bit.ly/1obpW9Y