One option those of you who have yards might want to consider is the rock garden. They sometimes include plants, but they don’t necessarily have to include plants. I’d go that way myself, but my balcony isn’t really large enough to accommodate many rocks. What ideas do you have for dealing with the drought?

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Back in the year 2000, I read a CIA report that was released to the general public about what life would be like in the year 2015. We’re not quite there  yet, but one of those predictions proved chillingly accurate: a severe drought in the United States. I don’t remember any mention of California, but ours is such a big and prosperous state that what happens to us sends ripple effects throughout the nation.


I’ve been writing about water for more than a year now. I’m beginning to worry. Should I give up my aquarium? Possibly—or convert to salt water and buy filtered sea water. Should I voluntarily reduce my water use by 25 percent? No, not yet. When mandatory water rationing—and I mean by the gallon rationing—comes to the mainland, the baseline for the mandatory reduction will be determined by the water I used during the year before entering Stage 1 water restrictions. (Technically, Stage 1 is also called water “rationing,” but consumers won’t be limited to a fixed ration of water so I find the official terminology misleading.)


Yet I can’t help thinking that the California mainland should have begun strict rationing a long time ago. We’ve only begun planning three years into a drought that could last a very long time.

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