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Am I the only one who thinks Seal Beach Main Street would benefit from a fast food restaurant?

A citizen launches petition drive to have Seal Beach trap coyotes. Real estate professionals and others say the coyote problem won’t impact the property market. Readers sound off on a variety of issues in Letters to the Editor. For details, visit www.sunnews.org


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Seal Beach resident Roger Gilliam doesn’t worry about coyotes attacking his cat Panda. The cat strolls the back yard every day, unaware that the fiberglass screen that covers the entire yard keeps him safe. Gilliam said he had the fiberglass screen installed seven years ago to protect his cat from human beings. According to Gilliam, the screen is the same kind used in plant nurseries. Gilliam does not believe there is one simple solution to the coyote problem, but he does think the nursery screen is one thing residents can do to protect their pets

Coyote concerns continue to rise in Seal Beach. For recent coyote statistics, click on http://bit.ly/1pP0Du0

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Photographer/businessman John Dankha has decided to close his gallery on Seal Beach Main Street.  bit.ly/1w5u286


In other news, Sunset Beach is ready for the ninth annual Electric Magic Classic Rock Beachfest. http://bit.ly/1rTyrnZ

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Two Los Alamitos teens will appear in a reprise of “Peter Pan” at South Coast Repertory Theatre’s Argyros Stage through Aug. 17. http://bit.ly/1oBJULi