Police confirm residential burglaries in Seal Beach’s Hill area. Readers write Letters to the Editor about the Bay City Partners project and other issues. The mayor talks about the drought, traffic signals and other issues. For details, visit www.sunnews.org.

For details about Saturday’s Seal Beach Lions Club Sight Rally, visit www.sunnews.org.

The Seal Beach City Council has decided who will hire and supervise the next city clerk. But staff still has to bring an ordinance back to the council before anything can happen. See story, www.sunnews.org.

A local youth basketball team recently won the silver division in their age group. A rattlesnake recently caught in Seal Beach has a new home in another town. For details, visit www.sunnews.org.

Some Sun Region Girl Scouts recently made donations to the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, the town’s no-kill shelter for homeless animals. For more information, visit www.sunnews.org.

A reader writes a letter to the editor thanking Cafe Lafayette. The city’s Lifeguard chief advises citizens on how to improve young sea lions’ chances of survival. Los Alamitos Unified honors a student who refused to let health problems thwart his education. The Navy is planning to test a loudspeaker system on Monday. For details, visit www.sunnews.org.

People are safer than property in “Mayberry by the Sea.” For details, visit www.sunnews.org.

Animal control captures a rattlesnake on Catalina Avenue. In other news, a local woman continues the cat rescue work of the late Helen Sanders. See www.sunnews.org.

The Orange County DA has been removed from the prosecution of the Salon Meritage case. The California Coastal Commission approved the residential development of the Bay City Partners property. See www.sunnews.org.

Seal Beach adopts a plan for dealing with coyotes. The plan emphasizes education of the public and the hazing of coyotes, but would trap and kill specific problem coyotes. See story, www.sunnews.org.