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My next Friday blog will appear after Thanksgiving is over, so I’d best be doing my thanking now.

I’m thankful to be working and living in Seal Beach—still one of the best places to live, despite what happened last month.

I’m thankful to be a full time, paid journalist. Not many writers can say that.

I’m thankful to be working under Dennis Kaiser, a friend since 1986 and a man with 30 years’ experience in community journalism in Seal Beach and Dana Point. It’s rare to work with a friend and keep the friendship. (How’d we do that?) It’s more rare to get one-on-one mentoring in your chosen profession. Dennis recruited me to write for this paper, so I pretty much owe him my journalism career. Thanks, pal.

On a personal note, I’m thankful my 93-year-old stepmother is alive and capable of intelligent conversation—even if her favorite topic is still, “Why aren’t you married?”

Finally, I’m thankful to the readers of the Sun Newspaper and Sun Web site. Without you, I might be doing something else in another town.

Thanks, everyone. I’ll see you next week.

Until then, why don’t you post a reply and tell us what you’re grateful for?

Always a pleasure,