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Sun Editor Dennis Kaiser reflects on the meaning of two frequently confused holidays: Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Sun Editor Dennis Kaiser’s latest “Kaiser on a Roll” column talks about the upcoming Health Expo and his own efforts to regain his health after he was diagnosed with diabetes. For details, visit and click on “Kaiser on a Roll: A chance to be more healthy.”

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We get letters. This week, letters looked at the drought, the government and alleged global warming. For details, visit and click on “Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014″

This week’s letters to the editor include a note to our Veterans Voices columnist, the future of the space at the end of the Seal Beach Pier, St. Isidore Plaza, and the Youth Center. For details, visit and click on “Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014.”

The Sun’s newest business columnist discusses networking as a marketing strategy in her first column for us. To read Notes On Networking By Sarah Parra, visit and click on “The professional way to network.”

This week, Letters to the editor address such issues as bullying and the federal budget.

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The year is nearly over. 2013 went fast—so fast, the Christmas season was over before I had a chance to get sick of the Christmas music. Working on the first of our two-part Year in Review series gave me a chance to reflect on 2013. It was an adventure. On the best days, covering Seal Beach is like living inside the best show on TV. Sometimes it’s a sitcom (Bubba comes to mind), sometimes a soap opera, sometimes high drama—I’ll let you decide if the Housing Element qualified as either soap opera or high drama—and only in rare cases a tragedy.

I wrote a few good-quality news stories and a few good-quality blogs/columns. As long as I have the privilege of writing about Seal Beach for the Sun, there are plenty of opportunities to tell more stories and do a better job of telling them next year. Looking forward to that. And looking forward to encountering you, our readers and my neighbors, in the place they call Mayberry by the Sea.

Sun Newspapers’ Veterans Voices columnist Bill Thomas, 90, recently received the Purple Heart that he earned during World War II.

For details, see “Rossmoor’s Thomas turns 90, gets Purple Heart,” on the home page at